Menco Wood Floors

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        Floor Care & Preventative Maintenance

1. If your floor borders exterior doors, put outside doormats at the entrance to keep dirt and moisture from being tracked in.

2. Don’t use rubber or foam-backed mats, as they may discolor floor.

3. Sweep or vacuum as often as required to remove lose dirt or grit before it can scratch the surface of the floor.

4. Wipe up liquid spills promptly with a dry cloth or paper towel. Remove sticky residue with a damp, but not dripping cloth.

5. Area rugs should be moved occasionally, as they block sunlight, which may give the appearance of discoloring under the rug.

6. Use floor protectors on the feet of furniture to avoid scratches.

7. Certain types of casters on furniture may damage the hardwood floor.

8. Do not let humidity level fall below or higher than that which is recommended by the National Wood Floor Association.

9. Spike or stiletto high heeled shoes may cause denting or related damage to the hardwood floor, due to the extremely high compressive force they generate. In addition, keep all pets nails trimmed to avoid surface scratches.

10. To clean your floor use a mixture of one cup white vinegar to one gallon of water. Use a sponge mop that can be rung out very well. Wipe all excess water with a dry towel immediately after mopping. Do not allow surface water to sit on the floor.

11. Periodically clean floors with a solution of Murphy’s Oil Soap. Use sparingly as not to create a soapy build up.

12. The floor may be walked on after 24 hours of last coat, but are very susceptible to scuffing and marring the first 3 days prior to completion of hardening time.

13. The floor is approximately 80% cured after 3 days and furniture may then be replaced. Owner must allow 8 days before replacing carpets or rugs.

14. Inspection of floor should take place annually, lightly sand and coat as the floor begins to show wear for optimum life.

 Please note: Cleaning and maintenance suggestions are guidelines. It does not necessarily take the place of any manufacturers recommendations for maintenance and or cleaning of specific floors.