Completed Wood Floors Completed Wood Floors Floors can be installed on a 45 degree angle or any custom pattern. 99127012 Floors can be rustic with character. 103710887 Floors can be finished gloss, semi gloss, or the very popular matte finish. 103710886 Floors can be just lightly sanded and refinished new to preserve existing floors and get more life from them. 103710884 Menco installs and finishes stair steps, risers, and tread pieces. 53987835 Menco also does custom landings. 99127013 Menco can completely clear all furnishings and replace them after floor work has been performed. 103710885 Custom staining 53987836 Making old floors look new again. 53987837 We offer many species of flooring. 99127016 Refinished to new after sanding out cupping due to moisture damage. 53987834 We take pride in prompt service and attention to scheduling. 53987832 Custom boarders. 53987838 We can refinish just one room or the whole house. 99127014 99127017 99127015 126914836 200707775 200707776 200708116 200708117